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A KR Based Innovation Expert System (IES), Using US Substantive Patent Law Precedents

Sigram Schindler
TU Berlin, TELES Patent Rights International GmbH

Abstract—The paper terminates by outlining the multimedia UI of a prototype of the KR based Innovation Expert System (IES), which tests a claimed classical as well as emerging technology invention under the Substantive Patent Law (SPL) of any National Patent System (NPS), in particular under the 4 §§ 101/102/103/112 of 35 USC, as interpreted by the Supreme Courts’ KSR/Bilski/Mayo decisions. Already this IES prototype is capable of indicating the amazing power of the “Patent Technology” induced by this US Highest Courts’ SPL precedents as to such tests for a claimed invention. It works semi-automated when testing in explorative mode and fully automated/real-time when testing in confirmative mode. Developing this powerful Patent Technology has been enabled by performing substantial Mathematical KR research about recent US Highest Courts’ patent precedents published by Mathematical KR research papers and amicus briefs submitted to the US Supreme Court and CAFC as to KR insights so obtained into the problems of SPL precedents, e.g. when dealing with claimed emerging technology inventions.

Index Terms—SPL (substantive patent law) and KR based claimed inventions’ tests, a KR based IES prototype and its UI, emerging technologies inventions, the supreme court’s KSR/Bilski/Mayo decisions and their notions of “inventive concept”/”preemptivity”/”abstract idea”, the CAFC’s recent precedents

Cite: Sigram Schindler, "A KR Based Innovation Expert System (IES), Using US Substantive Patent Law Precedents," Journal of Advanced Management Science, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 123-127, June 2014. doi: 10.12720/joams.2.2.123-127
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