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The Impact of Marketing on Share Performance: Evidence from Syria

Musaab M. Mousa 1, Sagi Judit 2, and Zeman Zoltan 2
1. Szent István University, School of Business and Management Sciences, Godollo, Hungary
2. Department of Finance, Budapest, Hungary& Szent István University, Budapest Business School, Godollo, Hungary

Abstract— Firm performance is affected by several factors. marketing has been excluded for a long time from the company's evaluation research. So, researchers still have discussed the role of marketing applications on firm performance mostly on long term in the light of marketing-finance interface. The purpose of this research is investigating the impact of marketing activities measured by marketing expenditure on stocks performance measured by stocks value and turnover ratio in Damascus Securities Exchange for a period of seven years (2010-2016) depending on a sample of 7 listed banks. By using regression analysis, the findings show that the significant impact of marketing on stocks value, while the turnover does not affect by marketing expenditure, the findings can be an approach to enhance the performance of listed companies based on marketing action.
Index Terms—marketing expenditure, share performance, marketing -finance interface, DSE

Cite: Musaab M. Mousa, Sagi Judit, and Zeman Zoltan, "The Impact of Marketing on Share Performance: Evidence from Syria" Journal of Advanced Management Science, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 165-168, September 2018. doi: 10.18178/joams.6.3.165-168
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