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JOAMS 2023 Vol.11(2): 67-72
doi: 10.18178/joams.11.2.67-72

Comparative Studies on Industrial Management Among China, Japan, India and Other Countries Servitization

Roshan Baa
Ranchi University, St. Xavier’s College, Jharkhand, India
*Correspondence: roshansjranchi@gmail.com

Manuscript received September 14, 2022; revised October 15, 2022; accepted December 24, 2022; published April 13, 2023.

Abstract—Servitization in India, China and Japan is increasingly becoming important for enhancing profitability and competitiveness of firms within different industries of these countries. An increased focus on servitization in developed countries such as in UK, USA and Australia made it imperative for firms in countries like India to embrace servitization for making their presence strong in the world. In India, Japan and China, most firms have servitized their businesses to cope with changing demand of customers in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, construction and so on. However, servitization level in India and China is much lower as compared to other countries such as Japan and USA due to several challenges in industrial management. This research has shed light on ways Indian, Japanese and Chinese industries are embracing servitization by addressing these challenges. A proper attention has been paid to deriving country-specific results that have ensured reliability.

Keywords—servitization, changes in industrial management, importance of servitization in India for enhancing competitiveness, changes in customer demand

Cite: Roshan Baa, "Comparative Studies on Industrial Management Among China, Japan, India and Other Countries Servitization," Journal of Advanced Management Science, Vol. 11, No. 2, pp. 67-72, 2023. 

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