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JOAMS 2023 Vol.11(4): 169-173
doi: 10.18178/joams.11.4.169-173

Research on the Development Paradigm of Information Technology-induced Agricultural Modernization

Li Zhou 1 and Tao Huang 2*
1. School of Economics and Management, Zhaoqing University, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, China
2. School of Computer Science, Zhaoqing University, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, China
*Correspondence: htmouse@qq.com (T.H.)

Manuscript received April 20, 2023; revised July 13, 2023; accepted September 1, 2023; published December 4, 2023.

Abstract—Agriculture used to be a closed field. With the development of information technologies such as the Internet of Things and the Internet, agriculture began to enter a new stage of opening, connecting and coordinated development. Through the empowerment of information technology, smart agriculture gives full play to the leading role of information technology in advanced operation, management and marketing, taking market demand as the basis, with the input and output of intelligent elements, making agricultural information resources the basis for a new paradigm of agricultural modernization. This information technology paradigm subverts the traditional agricultural industry paradigm and redefines the cooperative relationship among the government, the market, enterprises, farmers, consumers and other subjects.

Keywords—development paradigm, technology-induced, agricultural modernization, smart agriculture, data decision-making

Cite: Li Zhou and Tao Huang, "Research on the Development Paradigm of Information Technology-induced Agricultural Modernization," Journal of Advanced Management Science, Vol. 11, No. 4, pp. 169-173, 2023.

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